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Terms, Conditions and Policies


Be Microblading is by appointment only.



Deposits are non-refundable.  The deposit is there to ensure that you have done your research, have followed the pre-appointment protocol and are committed and ready to receive this service. By scheduling an appointment with us, you are agreeing to this policy.



You MUST schedule your 6-10 week touch-up at the time of your booking of your initial Microblading procedure. Spots fill up quickly. The touch up is an important part of the overall Microblading procedure and completes the initial process.



Any changes to your appointment must be made online more than 24hours prior to your scheduled appointment - please click the link from the email confirmation you received at the time of booking, or login from the booking section to cancel/reschedule.  Please note that because of our limited availability for our Microblading services, last-minute rescheduling will likely result in an additional waiting period.  We are happy to add you to our Waitlist, but we cannot guarantee an appointment spot sooner than what is available online at the time of rescheduling. 



Failure to Reschedule before 24 hours prior to your appointment will result in losing your deposit.  Same-day cancellations and no-shows will result in an additional fee of the remaining balance of the service cost.   Arriving at your scheduled appointment late or deciding/having to cancel or reschedule will result in losing your deposit.  



Be Microblading does not offer refunds on services rendered. Please be aware that results can vary, as every client is different. We take great care in explaining our processes thoroughly, making sure every client has realistic expectations going into every appointment. Starting the process and deciding that you do not wish to continue will not result in a refund for any of the services you have received. If it is the decision of Be Microblading to discontinue further services with any client, no refunds will be issued.



Immediately after submitting a request for an appointment, you should receive an email receipt.  If you do not receive a receipt notification, your request for an appointment may not have successfully gone through.  Please check your spam folder for the confirmation, if you did not receive the email please contact us to determine if you were indeed booked and charged a deposit before attempting to rebook.   


We kindly ask that all appointments are scheduled online.  If you have any difficulties scheduling online, please contact us via email at  Please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time.  If you are more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, it is the technician's discretion as to whether or not your appointment must be rescheduled.  We understand things can happen, but we cannot rush through any service to accommodate you for being late, and we will not inconvenience the clients scheduled after you.  You will lose your deposit. Another deposit is required to rebook with us.


Please be advised that we are an incredibly busy facility and rely heavily on our clients following our policies precisely and scheduling their appointments in a timely manner.  This is a medical procedure that requires following a strict pre and post appointment protocol.  And follow-ups have to be scheduled within 10 weeks of your last session for optimal results.  We are booked out 3+ months in advance, so please be mindful of this by scheduling your initial session, as well as your follow-up, ahead of time.  We recommend booking your touch-up appointment at the time of booking your initial Microblading Procedure. Please be aware that we may not be the best fit for every client.  So please take the time to read the information provided thoroughly when deciding if Be Microblading is the right fit for you.



We require all new clients to complete a 4-page Health History questionnaire so please arrive 10 minutes early to your scheduled appointment. 


NO CAFFEINE or alcohol 24 hours prior to your appointment - that means no morning coffee!  No fish oil, anticoagulants or blood-thinning drugs 4 days prior to your appointment.  This information is not only required for you to read prior to booking your initial session, but it’s also provided to you in our pre-procedure communications from us. Your appointment will be rescheduled for failure to follow the pre-appointment preparation protocol, and your deposit will be forfeited.  No exceptions.



It is a necessary step in the Microblading process and it is recommended that it is scheduled at the time of booking your initial procedure to ensure you get the appointment you want.   Please be advised that if you have to cancel your touch up for any reason, you may be assessed a higher price if you are unable to secure a new appointment within 6-10 weeks of your initial session.  We cannot guarantee availability if you need to reschedule but will do our best to accommodate you in a timely manner. The Microblading touch up is a "perfecting" appointment, designed to make any adjustments needed from the first session.  It will no longer be considered a touch-up if it is scheduled outside of the 6-10-week window, as this is now considered a Refresh.



Please note that it is the client's responsibility to educate themselves (before booking) on the procedure being requested and understand any and all prep/aftercare/downtime for that procedure (please see our FAQ & AFTERCARE pages).  Arriving at your scheduled appointment late or deciding to reschedule will result in losing your deposit.  So, we ask that you please do your research prior to booking - we are happy to answer any questions you have!  If you are unable to follow ALL of our Permanent Makeup pre-appointment protocol requirements, then we cannot perform the service.  We understand that it's tough and often hard to remember to give up your coffee the morning of your procedure.  However, IT IS MANDATORY and equally as important as all of our other requirements.  This is a medical procedure, and our protocol is there to ensure that your skin is in an optimal state to take the pigment and heal beautifully.  Beautiful results cannot be achieved if you arrive in a compromised state, and it will ultimately cost you more time and money having to book more sessions to get the results you want.  If we learn that you have failed to follow any part of your pre-procedure protocol, you will be rescheduled, and you will lose your deposit.  We send you numerous texts/emails with this information to ensure you're successful in arriving completely ready the day of your appointment - so please take the time to read them.



Clients that are new to Be Microblading are required to select the standard full-price initial session.  Even if you have pre-existing work from another practitioner that you are looking to have touched-up/refreshed, you are still new to us and must schedule as a new client. 

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